How much does it cost to charter a boat in Spain and the Balearic Islands?

The boat rental prices will vary depending on the type of boat and if you need a skipper or any extra crew. In a similar way to renting a holiday apartment, you can get boats that will sleep a different number of people, from self catering sailing options to luxury designer motoryacht options. The season will also influence the price of the boat rental. If you do not have experience and you are on a budget you can share a yacht with friends. All you need is a boat big enough to sleep a few people and a skipper. Most sailboats can normally accommodate up to 11 including the skipper. Weekly skippered charters will begin at around 150 euros per person per day. If you are a group of 10 or more you may want to look at options for renting larger sail boats such as motor sailers. These can be more expensive as they also require more crew but then again depending on your group size you can share the cost with more people. Alternatively if you are an idividual or a couple you may be able to find cabin charter boats. These enable you to share a skippered boat charter with others provided you sail on set dates and itineraries. The prices per person will be similar to chartering a private boat but you do not need a whole group of friends to commit to going on the same holiday with you to share the cost. Finally if you want more spacious sailing on a catamaran or a luxury motor boat, or more crew to look after you such as a chef who will prepare meals, just ask. Exclusive motor boats are available for charter for small groups with crew to provide private luxury cruising experiences. Similarly there are also motor boats to hire for private use without crew.

The best way to find out what your preferred option costs is to send a sailing request directly from our homepage indicating when you want to go and for how many days, and an idea of where you want to sail. Noting how many of you there are will ensure you get all suitable options.