What itineraries are best in Spain and the Balearic islands?

Well Spain's islands in the meditteranean, the Balearics, are the most popular sailing destination in the country. They include Ibiza, Mallorca, Formentera and Menorca. Each of these islands has great coastlines with pristine bays and beautiful waters. You can start sailing directly from one of the marinas in these islands or even start on the south-eastern coast of Spain and sail to the Balearics from Barcelona, Alicante or anywhere in between such as Denia and Valencia. This option is only a good one if you want to spend more time sailing in open waters rather than along the coastlines and between the islands. As far as which island to sail around, and what can be combined in a week's sailing itinerary or for more about what each island has to offer, we provide a summary for each area below:

Spain & Balearic Islands sailing itineraries