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Privacy Policy


48 Options is part of the San Francisco Mystery S.L. company which is committed to protecting your personal information whenever you use any of our services. Our aim is to provide you with a safe enjoyable service. Our intention with the Privacy Policy is to inform you how we protect any personal information you might provide in using our services or any information we might collect. We are sometimes obliged to collect such information to provide you with our services. Any information you provide or we collect on our sites will be protected by our adherence to data protection laws including the Data Protection Act. By browsing and using our site, you accept our privacy policy governing the use of our website. Also, although not common place, we may find it necessary to have links on our site to third party sites. As these sites are owned and operated by third parties, you should review their privacy policies before providing any personal information as we do not accept any liability for the way these other sites use personal information.

Personal information we may collect and our policy on its use:

As part of the registration process or usage, we may collect and record the following information which enables us to provide you with our services: If you are a customer: email address, telephone number, preferred language(s), research information regarding site usage such as traffic, connection information, statistics etc., other communication sent to us.
If you are a supplier: email address, physical address, contact details, company names, contact person, payment details, research information regarding site usage such as traffic, connection information, statistics etc., other communication sent to us.

We will not sell or rent any of your personal information. Your email address will only be shared with The San Francisco Mystery S.L. services and businesses related to the service you request. Your details may also be shared in order to co-operate with any government and law enforcement authorities or court order proceedings or in the event you breach our Terms of Use. We may use your information for the following reasons: To improve our website from the feedback we receive, for communication purposes such as welcoming newly registered customers and businesses to 48 Options, sending site updates and notifications, replying to emails, sending information such as forgotten passwords etc., informing you of San Franciso Mystery S.L services, for 48 Options market research purposes, to prohibit any illegal or disruptive activities occurring on our website, to collect fees owing to 48 Options, to implement and enforce our Terms of Use or to personalise our service.

We may also collect details regarding usage of our website with cookies and IP addresses. IP addresses are unique to each computer or other technologies used to access the internet. We use technology to identify IPs in order to enhance the service we provide and know from which countries our site is being accessed. We do not use IPs to build individual profiles and destroy log files with this information periodically. We may choose to prohibit the access from IP's which abuse our terms and conditions

Cookies are bits of data which enable websites to track traffic and record preferences so websites can tailor their sites to your preferences. Depending on your browser websites will be able to send you a cookie which they can access but your browser will not let a website access a cookie sent to you from another site. Your browser can be set to notify you, accept or reject cookies. Rejecting cookies can limit functionality of some sites. Cookies will enable a website to recognise a repeat visitor for example

48 Options uses cookies to understand how users experience our site so that we can identify problems, improvements and how effective we are in our activity. 48 Options may use third party providers which will have access to cookies strictly for 48 Options purposes – e.g. to help us measure the number of individuals using our site. The browser you use should have a help function which will explain how to to delete cookies should you choose to do so. In the event you post objectionable, inappropriate or offensive material via 48Options.com and you are in breach of the law of Spain, we may use your personal details to alert third parties as necessary.

Abusing information from 48 Options

48 Options does not encourage or permit anyone to abuse our website or abuse details and information of our customers or businesses. Customers and businesses should alert us of any such cases to enable us to take action where possible.


We adhere to standard industry practices and are committed to protecting your personal data and confidentiality. As with all internet websites, we cannot guarantee third parties will not gain unauthorised access to the information we hold and store, so 48 Options does not store any financial details for your protection.

Changing your personal details

After listing with 48 Options as a business you will be able to update your personal details by informing us of the changes you would like via hello@48options.com. Similarly, if you wish to discontinue your registration email us via hello@48options.com.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

We may revise this Privacy Policy at any time, however changes will be published on this page. Please check our privacy policy if you have any concerns prior to disclosing any personal information. If you have any questions or comments about this Privacy Policy please contact: Data Protection Department, 48 Options, European Head Office, Can Campaner 2, IB 07003, Spain. email: hello@48options.com.

Unsubscribe from 48 Options

You should only receive email you want. 48 Options normally only emails you in response to requests you make or with information important to you. If you wish to remove your email from our database for any reason, simply enter it below and we will process your request immediately, normally within 2 business days.